Lizard Mafia

Something’s rotten in Los Tailios, and you’ve already crawled deep inside and made yourself at home. Unfortunately for you, the people are finally sitting up and taking notice, and the new mayor is sending the police swooping in to scoop you and your gang out of the way of his plans for a city that doesn’t make visitors tear up from the stench. You can feel them closing in, but you’re aren’t going out that easy, and you’re going to squeeze every last drop you can from this city before you head for the hills. Unfortunately, is seems like all the other lizard mob bosses have the same idea. It’s a fight for dominance with your rivals on one side and the police on the other, and only the top lizard is going to be able to shed their skin.

The most interesting aspect is that the game board shrinks as the game is played. Every turn, the owl police swoop down and flush the lizard crime rackets out of another district of the city, and that section of the board is flipped over. Any lizards there are thrown in jail, to be slowly released back to the players, and that tile now only has one zone players can play in. This forces the players to fight more strategically for a shrinking resource pool, with varying amounts of lizards at their command, for organically mounting tension. This also functions as a turn limit, as there are six districts, and one is flipped every round, so the last round is the one where the final district is cleaned out by the owl police and the city is finally mafioso free. This mechanic even gives new players a chance to familiarize themselves with the mechanics in a relatively stress free environment as the difficulty increases.


View the rules here.